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Thank you for choosing SmartyHost to host ilhanet.com.au.

Accessing your Toolkit
Your Toolkit is an online facility designed to help you control key features of your account. It can be found at http://toolkit.SmartyHost.com.au. Alternatively, visit our website at www.smartyhost.com.au and click Toolkit Login.

You can access your Toolkit using either the Account Manager or Package Manager login. Both can be found in your Hosting Information email.

Using an FTP client to upload your website
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the method you will use to transfer files to your space at SmartyHost. Before you can get started you will need an FTP client application. If you do not have an FTP client, you might like to consider some of the following popular FTP Clients.

Removing this information page
As you have not yet uploaded your website, you are now seeing this information page. If you would like to delete the holding page before you start uploading your own site, simply delete all the files that are in your www/ directory. Be careful not to delete the www directory itself.

Office hours
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm (AEST)

During office hours, we provide a full range of sales and support services.

Useful contacts
To contact our Technical Support team
• Call 1 300 721 465
• Email help@SmartyHost.com.au

To contact our Sales team
• Call 1 300 721 465
• Email sales@SmartyHost.com.au

Useful links
To access your webmail
• Visit http://webmail.SmartyHost.com.au

To access your toolkit
• Visit http://toolkit.SmartyHost.com.au

To access Urchin site stats
• Visit http://urchin.SmartyHost.com.au

Terms and conditions of use
Our terms and conditions are liable to change without notice and are always available at www.smartyhost.com.au/terms.php - please check them from time to time.